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Processing of stainless steel is a core competency of ISC.

We have at your disposal various facilities of steel refinement. Especially, with grinding of long products the INOX SERVICE CENTER GmbH has earned goodwill as the best quality supplier.

Long product grinding
At Illingen we have 6 grinding stations for bright, flat and angle steels where tubes are also processed. With this service we have developed in the last two decades a quality leadership that is well known under the name of “ALPO-Schliff” [ALPO Grind].

Fix length service
With our cutting machines we are always in position to produce your required product length.

When the materials in products do not adhere to strict quality requirements, it can be achieved through straightening operations in the respective standard.

Especially, in the case of thicker round dimensions standard lengths, we are happy to offer this service at any time as per customer requirement.

ISC Customer Service
At customer request, we offer test certificate 3.2 according to DIN EN 10204:2004.

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